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Skate City Family Night

This week splurge and spend a few bucks to spend the evening skating with the fam and enjoying an ICEE at Skate City West!

Question: When was the last time you enjoyed a night at the skating rink?

The Answer: TOO LONG AGO!

It's time, guys.

Head on over to Skate City this week.

---> Every Wednesday they have a sweet deal where, for $6, each skater gets an ICEE drink!

---> If you choose to stall for a night and head that way on a Thursday night, you'll get a free piece of pizza for your $6 dollars.

Check out the deets below:

While tonight's family night might be simple, it's also classic and a load of fun.

To check out information for a Skate City near you CLICK HERE.

Have fun, y'all!


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