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Random Acts of Kindness Family Night

We all need a little joy in our lives- that's what family night is all about! But this week- let's spread some of that joy to others!

Check out the newest bulletin board, next to the coffee shop, for some

family-friendly ideas that bring joy to others through random acts of kindness.

Shout out to Sharon Rowland who brought us this week's family night!

Get kids of all ages involved!

Here is a Pre-K friendly way to get the "kindness" conversation rolling! Sit back and enjoy "Kindness Starts With You" by Jacquelyn Stagg read by our very own...

🎉🎉 Ms. Sharon 🎉🎉

What's available at church to help us?

There are 2 handouts waiting for you to pick up at church! They can be found on the bulletin board outside the Wee Worship room, near the coffee shop. Grab one for kids, older students/adults, or one of each! Here's what they look like:



Want more great ideas:

Here are some links to other FREE kindness activities! All you need is a printer!

Remember your acts of kindness with THESE KINDNESS CARDS

Color and mail out these super cute KINDNESS POSTCARDS

Print and play this KINDNESS BINGO with your family

Have fun, y'all!


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