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Pumpkin Patch Family Night

Most families make a point to visit a pumpkin patch each year and those of us living in KC are especially lucky because there are tons of fantastic pumpkin patches around the KC area!

It's that time of year- pumpkin patches are just opening up! While some of these pumpkin patches DO cost money to enter, most offer a free experience costing only the price of your pumpkin!

Each pumpkin patch seems to have special things that sets them apart- some have animals, corn mazes, donuts, pumpkin mountains and more. For some families, just being close by is important because you can't drive far with tiny humans in tow. I've compiled a short list of pumpkin patches to consider starting with the furthest location (but very close to my heart #Top-City) and ending with one right here in KC!

So, after waaaaaay too long browsing pumpkin patch websites here are my top 5 within driving distance of KC:

45 minutes from KC, in Grantville Kansas, Gary's Berries is a big favorite of my Topeka friends. Growing up in Topeka, I had a ton of fun visiting here with my youth group and trust me, if you want to- you can stay busy for hours. If you're into corn mazes- this is for sure #1. There is NO corn maze in our area that even rivals this one (I'm a little biased). But tip on the maze though- you WILL get stuck in there and it WILL take like, 4 hours to get out. So, careful taking your tiny humans into this one- check out the kid's hay maze for some family fun. :)

It costs $14.95 per person if you sign up online but you DO get access to all of this so, it seems kinda fair...

Clocking in at a totally worth it 40 minutes away in the opposite direction, we have Louisburg Cider Mill! I have not heard anything but raving reviews on this patch since moving to KC and I highly recommend it! It's $11.99 per person on weekends but a little cheaper if you visit the

"Family Farm" during the week. One thing LCM has that new and different from the others is their "Jump Pillow". For an extra $2 you can basically jump on a giant inflatable pillow that looks like it rocks. Visit the LCM website for height requirements.

Also, shout out to them for taking extra precautions amidst the pandemic as they are taking extra safety precautions you can view HERE on their site.

Another option about 40 minutes from KC, located in Belton MO, Johnson Farms is a must if you've never gone. It's $12.99 plus the price of your pumpkin. They're a working farm so they kind of end up with a little of everything! If you skipped the apple orchard it could be worth the $13 bucks! They've got sunflowers (if you hurry!), apples just finishing their season, mums and other flowers to pick as well as the ever-popular pumpkin patch. They've got the BEST and most up to date Facebook page by far, so if it's rainy or you aren't sure if all the apples/pumpkins are gone, just check our FB and they will let you know!

This family owned/run pumpkin patch is right outside of Lawrence on the Kansas City side, making it a 20-30 minute drive depending on where you live in KC. This is typically the patch my family frequents because we LOVE meeting out Topeka fam halfway for some pumpkin patch fun!

This pumpkin patch is FREE to visit, just the price of the pumpkin you want to purchase. You'll see animals (chickens, ducks, cows, horses), there are photo ops out for families, and some other activities for the kids like the tiny-human-approved hay maze, all in addition to grabbing a pumpkin.

20-30 minutes away in Gardner Kansas, there sits a lovely pumpkin patch with the MOST random activities you could hope for! The KC patch comes highly recommended from the people I know who go there but also isn't as well advertised. Well, y'all this might be a new one for our family because *get ready* they have a ninja course, human foosball course, sand-pie bakery, and like 10 other completely random and totally AWESOME activities for kids and families to enjoy! 😃 This one clocks in at $13.95 per person but based on the 40 activities I counted on their site, I'd say you'll be busy for hours and get your money's worth.

So, go make a reservation, grab your ticket for cheaper online or at least a plan to visit a pumpkin patch! There are a ton out there- these are not all of them by any means!

And don't forget to comment YOUR FAMILIES favorite pumpkin patch on the Stony Point Facebook Page to win one of these pumpkin carving kit for each child in your family!


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