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Living room Lazer Course

Anyone grow up thinking they might be a secret agent someday? Do we have any FBI peeps in house? (Wait! Don't tell us! It's a secret). Well, either way- this weeks family day is as cheap as a ball of yarn and will get your family training for top secrete careers!

Maneuver through a maze of synthetic laser beams (you know, like yarn... representing lasers). This little beauty is the "Secret Agent Lazer Course". Anybody able to complete this event successfully received a prize. Because let's be honest, basic training is hard!

While it's probably true I need to watch a little less "Quantico", I can also happily say that it inspired a family night that kept my kids busy off and on for an entire evening!

What you'll need:

Yeah, that's it. So, it'll cost you $2-$3 bucks and will be totally worth it!

While the kids were at school I chose a room and strung yarn in, around, over, and under different objects that I put in there. I put favorite toys in the danger zone- I repeat, IN THE DANGER ZONE. 😏 And every time we needed to go to the kitchen, fun ensued.

If you want some inspiration check out this video taken at Joliet Jr College... While I've not heard of them prior to seeing this video, I DO think they know how to put together a rocking spirit week!

So, grab some yarn, string your house (heads up: it comes down faster than it goes up) consider playing some secret agent jams and some fun!

Have fun!


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