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Family Aerobics Night!

Open your Tik Tok or just the camera on your phone- let's see if YOU can grab a costume and rock this family aerobics night!

Jazz it up with Judy Sheppard Missett. Dance it out with Richard Simmons. Or

better yet- make YOUR family the stars by creating an 8-count aerobics routine fit

for your own National Aerobics Championship!

Step 1: Thrift a Costume for the Night's Festivities

Head to your nearest thrift store to find a costume for tonight BUT double check your own closet first because I'm SURE you've got some of these things already! I recommend having a few things ready to go:

  1. Leggings

  2. Leg warmers

  3. Baggy sweater

  4. Sweats

  5. Off the shoulder t-shirt (cut an old one to make it for free!)

  6. Accessories!

Step 2: Family Photoshoot!

Strike a pose and take a photo of your family night! Give it 10 years, you'll pull up these little puppies on FB or in your album... you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll say "This is what 2020 drove us to". But you'll also look like you're having a ton of fun and THAT'S worth it!

Step 3: Create a Routine

For this to me a complete success, you'll want to focus on creating multiple routines, each one being JUST 8 counts. Watch the video below to see the national champions in aerobics.

Notice how each "team" only dances for 8 seconds- THOSE are their 8 counts.

Count to 8 on the steady beat putting a dance move (or 2 fast moves) on each count. Practice then Tik Tok that bad boy!! (Or at least record it on your phone for the laughs!)

Here are some still shots to get you inspired!

Step 4: Enjoy the Rest of Your Night

Now it's time to enjoy the rest of your night by sweatin' to the oldies and rocking the Jazzercise with the real professionals.

Have fun, y'all!


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