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DIY Fall Wreath Family Night

Whether your have teeny-tiny kids or great-big-tall kids, everyone is able to participate in tonight's family night! And best yet, you can bring out this little number year after year to enjoy!

You won't need much! Just an old wire hanger, scraps of fabric cut into strips, and some ribbon if you want to make this thing real fancy!

Making a wreath like the one shown above is surprisingly easy and it's something fun your family can do together! Even tiny Pre-K kiddos can tie a strip of fabric around the hanger!

So, choose your color scheme and jump in the car to go pick out your fabric together! (OR go find some old t-shirts and fabric to use from around the house!)

The first thing you'll want to do is bend your old wire hanger so that it's in a circle and secure the side together so they STAY in a circle.

Next, take one strip of fabric at a time and tie it TWICE around the wire hanger. Continue to do that over and over. Remember to push the fabric together as close and as tight together as you can!

That's it! Yep- it's that easy!! Here's a few pics of what your wreath might look like:

Have older kids?

If you really want to get fancy or just need a bigger challenge, pick up some wooden letters and paint from your local Hobby Lobby or Michael's (or Walmart- 'cause, you know, #SaveMoneyLiveBetter) and try to make a word using your wreath! Challenge- make this wreath into a word! Examples:


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