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Christmas Lights Hunt & Awards

What's better than going on a scavenger hunt for Christmas lights?

Giving out surprise awards to unsuspecting decorators!!

After looking for quite some time, I found no better way to spend a Christmas lights family night than what The Dating Divas already had up. Don't fix it, if it ain't broke, am I right??

CLICK HERE to view the original post or read below for the deets.

Last year, the youth group when on an epic adventure to find the best Christmas lights. ;) This year, we're inviting families to do this together!

So, here's how it works,

First, plan your route. You've heard family and friends talking about the best and brightest light displays- plan to drive through! You might hit Swope Park this year or walk around Zona Rosa where they've put together a festive atmosphere with a 50-foot tree, suspended crowns and selfie photo stations.

However, don't JUST spend your time at light displays. Make the evening a little more fun by driving up and down residential streets. Be respectful of course but drive around and really try to **FIND** lights that people have put up. (This is where the awards get really special and fun!)

Second, make sure everyone in the car has a score sheet to record which houses they see that they want to receive an award! Remember to take the address so you can go back and deliver the award!

Last, be sure that you've printed out THESE AWARDS TO HAND OUT. (I always like to buy a few of those small individually sized Lindor Chocolate packs to give out with each award to up the anty just a bit. :)

The Award Categories:

The White Christmas Award – Awarded to the prettiest all-white Christmas light display!

The Gingerbread Award – Awarded to the most sweet and simple Christmas light display.

The Candy Cane Lane Award – Given to the display with the most red and white lights and candy canes.

The Rainbow Brite Award – Awarded to the most colorful Christmas Christmas light display.

The Griswold Award – Given to the home that has so many lights you are not sure how they haven’t blown the breaker!

Have fun!


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