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Chick-Fil-A Family Night!

We all love Chick-fil-a (amirite??) and we all need a good eat-out night! Tonight, enjoy a throw-back to when our favorite chicken joint was dine-in and still hosting those good ole Chick-fil-a family nights.

If you're tired of "combos" and just want a nice a polite "My pleasure" as

someone hands you a delicious "entree", look no further. Head to Chick-fil-

a tonight for family night!

A little message from Chick-fil-a:

While we’re apart, it’s the little things we do that bring us together.

"Between a never-ending cycle of school work, work-work, meal planning, shopping lists, cleaning (and cleaning again), it can sometimes feel like we’re jumping from one task to another during this time. And, coming up with activities to do together as a family — or to keep your kids entertained — can feel like just one more chore on your to-do list.

Let Chick-fil-A be here for you with our collection of family-friendly games and activities. Whether your kids want to create, make, chat, play, explore or laugh, there’s something fun to fit every mood. Activities and crafts range from silly table topics to scavenger hunts to ideas for celebrating others from a distance.

Click here to view, download and print all of our family-friendly activities on Pinterest, and enjoy these little ways to make big memories together."

Here are a few fun ideas to have fun while you eat!

Cow-themed coloring pages! Kids will love it! Click the links below to download coloring pages! Or CLICK HERE to download all all eight!


Really want to kick it up a notch!?? Check out Chick-fil-a's Moo BINGO! Click on the picture for your own printable and see how many days it takes you to get 4 in a row!


*I HIGHLY suggest building an 'udderly' amazing fort and eating INSIDE! (I'd say, if you do that, you could probably also mark off "Picnic in my yard" because really... I mean, It's January.

Table Topics

Check out these fun topics of conversations brought to you by both Chick-fil-a Kid's Meals AND their manufacturer-

For even more fun ideas that YOU get to choose, visit the

Have fun, y'all!


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