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Caramel Apple Family Night

Fall just isn't fall without caramel apples, am I right? While I'll happily take whatever caramel apples I can get, making them with the people you love is half the fun!

This week make places to host a Caramel Apple Party date night! It's the perfect way

to celebrate fall with the fam and maybe some friends too!

Tonight is a family date night inspired by my last trip to Walmart. (I wish I were joking but...)

With the many varieties of candy apples out there, I just couldn't find my classic caramel apple covered in nuts! I KNOW!!! There were apples covered in chocolate chips and white chocolate but none of the basic ones! I mean honestly, sometimes it's okay to be basic! After searching through a few different sections, I left empty handed.

So, tonight we giving YOU the date-night you need to get the perfect apple. Go grab whatever topping you want from the store: Nuts (obviously) you can also use sea salt and keep it classic! Other stuff you can use is: crushed Heath bar, crushed pecans, graham cracker crumbs, crushed pretzel (#SweetNSalty), crushed saltines, crushed cashews, etc.

And go grab your meltable caramel of choice. (Yes, I said to buy the caramel). I love making things from scratch as much as the next person but you're literally going to cover it in candy... it's not going to matter.

Click the pic for a recipe from the woman I trust with my entire food-life #ThePioneerWoman

If you ARE going to eat your caramel apples plain or just salted- I highly recommend THIS RECIPE for your homemade caramel. (And maybe make some Caramel Corn while you're at it!)

And if you're wondering what my game choice is for the night- look no further than this little beauty --------> Apples to Apples!

Have fun!


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