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Breakfast for Dinner Family Night

Breakfast for dinner is a great way to switch up the boring old dinner routine. We promise your family will love this fun and simple breakfast for dinner idea! Who doesn’t love breakfast? And better yet, who doesn't love a breakfast buffet?!

The best thing about this idea is that it’s completely customizable! You can all wear pajamas and picnic on some blankets. You can eat your brinner in front of a movie! It's totally up to you and your family! Make this a fun night for everybody!

The Menu

Basically, all breakfast foods are fair game. As a mom, I like to use breakfast for dinner as an excuse to make "fancy" breakfast that my family doesn't get in real life. 😂

French toast, pancakes with real fruit in them, a fun little parfait are all fair game!

If you need some family friendly ideas of things that your kiddos can make, check out the Picklebums Brinner Blog for some cool ideas!

The Placemat

Whether your eating at the table, on a pile of picnic pillows and blankets, or cozied up on the couch for dinner in front of the TV, consider this printable placemat for a little extra-extra in the activity department! You can find it on the blog or you can print your copy by CLICKING HERE!

The Conversation

You know a date goes well if the conversation is good. The same thing applies to family date night! When everyone is talking and laughing together, you know the date has gone well! One way you can do this is by printing off some conversation starters, folding them up, and throwing them into a bowl to draw from! Need some ideas?? CLICK HERE FOR A LIST of conversation starters!

Another option is THIS conversation cube from This breakfast themed, printable cube has conversations for the fam. All you do is toss is and answer the question it lands on. (You'll need scissors and tape to put the cube together!)

So go make some food together and have some great conversation! I also recommend PLENTY of strawberries and Coolwhip for the top of those pancakes!

Have fun!! And remember:


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