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Boo at the Zoo Family Day

This family day can't happen tonight but you can plan ahead for this coming Saturday and reserve your ticket at the Kansas City Zoo for their annual Boo at the Zoo event!

Costumes are a must at this fun event! Mark your calendars for Boo at the Zoo, where kids receive treats while enjoying Halloween and Harvest-themed activities and entertainment.

Boo at the Zoo is going to be Oct. 24, 25, & 31st from 9:30am until close.  The zoo animals will also be smashing pumpkins at scheduled times throughout the day so, be sure to get the paper at the check-in counter!

This is the map from last year- who knows how similar it will be this year. The Zoo has taken a great deal of precautions so I can envision a slightly different lay out where everyone is just moving in one direction without the extra.

In the past, kids have walked around the big circle all going one direction stopping table by table for candy, small trinkets, hats, funny animal glasses, bubbles, we even got a growth chart one year! It's fun and not just a pile of candy either which, as a parent, I really appreciate! Each table is manned by a company or community volunteers and do give out business cards and things to the adults. At the end of the circle (behind the seals) they set up a big hay bale maze and last year also had a huge tri-cycle riding area!

You can check out the Zoo's event page HERE to check out their weekend events leading up to Boo at the Zoo! Now, this can get a bit pricey if you don't have a "Friends of the Zoo Pass" but it's a little bit cheaper if you live in Jackson or Clay county. We have so much fun each year I'd say it's worth it BUT- a little tip from tried and true Boo at the Zoo-ers- get there when the Zoo opens!

Each year we walk in at 9:30 aaaannndd.... no ones there. It's kind of fun to go at our own pace with no rush at all! By 10:30 there's a line but it's totally manageable. By the time we're finishing the candy line, the people are starting to arrive. I'm not sure how it will work this year, as reservations are required, but we will for sure be reserving our time as early as we can.

Have fun!


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