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Nov 27- Paul Before the Rulers

Paul was in custody in Caesarea, the capital of the Roman province of Judea. The Jewish leaders had brought serious charges against him, so Paul now stood before Felix, the governor. Felix listened to Paul’s defense but delayed a ruling. He met with Paul off and on for two years. When his time as governor ended, Felix left Paul in prison because he did not want to upset the Jews.

Festus succeeded Felix as governor. The Jews presented their accusations against Paul and asked Festus to bring him to Jerusalem. They hoped to ambush Paul as he traveled and kill him. But Festus invited Paul’s accusers to make their case in Caesarea. When Festus heard Paul’s case, he asked if Paul wanted to be tried in Jerusalem. Paul, knowing his rights as a Roman citizen, appealed to be heard by Caesar.

Several days later, King Agrippa visited Festus and heard about Paul. He asked to listen to Paul’s defense himself. Festus wasn’t sure how he would justify his sending Paul to Caesar without substantiated charges, and he hoped this hearing would provide stronger evidence against Paul. Festus told Paul he was out of his mind, but they determined Paul could have been set free if he had not appealed to Caesar.

With these events, Paul was positioned to go to Rome, just as God had said he would. (See Acts 19:21; 23:11.) God had chosen Paul to take the gospel to Gentiles, kings, and the Israelites. (See Acts 9:15-16.) Paul was confident that Jesus has the power to save people from sin, and he was willing to do whatever it took to share the gospel.

As you teach kids, prompt them to consider how Paul might have felt as he spoke before rulers and remained in custody for two years. Lead them to consider how God was at work to keep His promises.

*Devo from Pastor Brian, from The Gospel Project.

#JesusJams for today!

---> And here's this week's story!!

Christ Connection: God had chosen Paul to take the gospel to Gentiles, kings, and the Israelites. Paul met with people again and again to tell the good news about Jesus. He wanted everyone to believe that Jesus is Lord. Because Jesus has the power to save people from sin, Paul was willing to do whatever it took to share the gospel.
If you have a bible at your house, you'll be turning to Acts 24-26 . If you don't have a Bible, that's okay! CLICK HERE!

OPTION 1: Learn the Key Verse for this Unit

Before the session, write each word or small phrase of the key passage on separate sticky notes. Practice reciting the key passage aloud as a whole group several times. Give each kid a sticky note to stick on the front of their shirt. Challenge the kids to work together to put themselves in the correct order. Practice reciting the key passage aloud once in the correct order. Mix up the sticky notes and play again as time allows.

Say • Paul seemed like the perfect Christian. He shared the gospel all the time! But even Paul was being made more like Jesus every single day. God had called Paul to salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit was continuing the good work of the gospel in Paul’s heart every day.

OPTION 2: Two Truths and a Lie

Call on a volunteer to share three statements about herself. Explain that two statements she shares should be true; the other should be not true. Challenge the rest of the group to guess which statement is not true. Play additional rounds with new volunteers.

Say • Have you ever believed something that wasn’t true? How did you find out the truth? Maybe someone told you the truth, or maybe you read about it in a book. Today we will hear about a time Paul told the truth to Roman leaders.

OPTION 3: Life Stories Game Instruct kids to form two lines and face one another. Each kid should stand a few feet in front of someone else. Explain that you will set a timer for 30 seconds. When you say “go,” the players in line 1 should begin telling their partners in line 2 a story about their lives: where they were born, what their families are like, and so on. Or they could tell a specific story about an event that happened in their life—like a family vacation or a special holiday. When the timer ends, call for kids to rotate one space to the left. The kid at the left end of the line will move across to the other line. Start the timer again. Continue rounds of storytelling until everyone has a chance to share or as time allows. Kids in line 1 may tell new information or repeat stories to new partners each round.

Say • How many people did you share your story with? In our Bible story, we will hear about the apostle Paul, who met with people again and again to tell them the good news about Jesus.




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