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March 12- The Suffering of Job

Why would we hear the story of Job while studying stories from Genesis? Most biblical authorities believe, based on subject matter and language, that Job was a contemporary to the patriarchs. Job fits chronologically into this period in history.

Job was a wealthy man who loved God. At the beginning of the book, God allows Satan to test Job’s faithfulness. Job lost everything, and he asked God why these things were happening. God answered Job, and His response reveals that God alone is all-powerful, sovereign, and good.

“Have you ever in your life commanded the morning or assigned the dawn its place?” (Job 38:12). God has. He is all-powerful. “Does the eagle soar at your command?” (Job 39:27). It does at God’s. He is sovereign. “Who provides the raven’s food when its young cry out to God?” (Job 38:41). God provides. He is good.

While the Book of Job speaks volumes to the problem of human suffering, it is also an important picture of how a suffering person should relate to God. Throughout all of Job’s suffering, Job never turned away from God.

Job didn’t understand his suffering, but he understood who God is. Job’s suffering ultimately brought him closer to God. Job reminds us that following Jesus is worth it. God is good, present, and in control. We can trust Him when we don’t understand the pain we have to endure. At the cross, God used the ultimate pain to bring about the ultimate good: our future and final salvation from sin.

Before you teach, pray that the Holy Spirit would help kids understand God’s truth. Point kids to the Suffering Servant, Jesus, who was truly innocent yet suffered greatly so that we could be brought closer to God in both our suffering and our joy.

#JesusJams for today!

Our Kids have been asked to do a special music in "Big Church" on Easter Sunday! If you'd like to practice, here's the song we'll be doing!

---> And here's this week's story!!

Christ Connection: Job learned that God is all-powerful, sovereign, and good. When we face suffering, we can hope in God. God sent Jesus, the only truly innocent One, to suffer and die so that everyone who trusts in Him can have forgiveness and eternal life.
If you have a bible at your house, grab it! We'll be in the book of Job. There are 42 chapters so I'd encourage you to read a chapter or so each day until you finish! (If you want a kid-friendly Job study that KIDS can use, shoot us an email through the contact us box and we'll send you one!)
If you don't have a Bible, that's okay! CLICK HERE to read the first chapter!

OPTION 1: Activity Pages from The Gospel Project Check out these activity pages! These are the same ones we give out during church, but you're welcome to print them at home!

OPTION 2: Cards of Encouragement

Provide supplies for boys and girls to create notes or cards of encouragement for friends, family members, or neighbors who are suffering. Consider displaying a list of verses for kids to find in the Bible and copy onto their cards: Psalm 9:9; Psalm 23:4; Psalm 27:1; Psalm 27:13-14; Psalm 34:18; Psalm 55:22. Distribute envelopes and encourage kids to deliver their cards this week. If kids do not know someone who is suffering, pray that God would put someone in their path whom they could comfort with God’s love.

SAY •When a person is suffering, it can be hard for that person to believe the truth about God. We saw that Job learned that God is good, even in suffering. We can encourage people who are suffering and pray that God would bring them comfort and peace.

OPTION 3: Trueway Kids Printables I LOVE LOVE LOVE these printables from Trueway Kids.

To visit their "Job" page CLICK HERE


CLICK HERE to download their PDF printable of the Bible story!

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